Wednesday, March 30, 2011

The Dawning Dusk

This is the moment to withstand.
When you're at the eye of the storm.
A tornado meets a great depression blackening.
At the center, where cold metal meets flowing water.
There is tranquility like no other, inexplicable, unforeseen.

Much awaited times lead the Omen on,
As a bolt from the blue hits like a sanguine song,
Shimmering waves break on the rocky shore,
Untainted and carried away, believing evermore,
While a turn of events cry for a season, long gone.

The metallic haze pierces the mildew air.
As the sun melts into the ocean below.
A change is expected, not forlorn, but meant to astonish.
And an alteration forthcoming under the swiftly darkening sky.
As nightly beings rise to battle, striking with love and anguish.

Churning mixed emotions, devoured by a scarlet atmosphere,
A war of sorts, lusty sinews of this world vanquished,
Rising in enlightenment, a dawn hadn't been so crystal clear,
For the deadly tides were over and sat a prayer amidst a hollow wish,
Granted in penance; unknown yet was this mystified wandering fear.