Monday, May 30, 2011

Through The Seasons

The wind blows.
Strongly bellowing.
The light dims.
In the shadow of the sun.
Blue, black and steely grey.
The raindrops fall in a haze.
Mildly tempting.
Calling out.
And the breeze strengthens.

In her mind and in her heart.
There are but a few lost souls.
Not wanting to leave.
The desire to reside within.
To be lost within these enchanted walls.
For they are overwhelming.
Much too beautiful.

It's been seven months now.
The prisoner of her heart wishes to linger.
To live on through the storm.
The storm and the rain.
The rain and the spring that follows.
All the seasons of dark and day.

To love.
To cherish.
Never to leave.
Always to stay.

PS. Happy Seven Months, my sweet flower, Enchanta. :-)