Saturday, April 30, 2011

Turning Six After Five

Out of words for far too long.
As I write my next verse for you.
As a moment passes by leading us on.
To another following four before it previously.

The last days fall on my mind again.
Days of cacophony and days of beauty.
And as they have all led us to this one today,
A brief lapse in time when we are together even if not.

And I know for sure that when
the beauty has surpassed all else splendidly,
All I can think of now is that
I want to have more of these moments with you.

And now, as I talk about more moments that I want to share
It's been a month since I wrote the three verses above up here.
Six months barely seems a big deal in the time I want with you
From this universe that brought us together and will keep us that way too.

About to part ways we are only for a short while in our longer time together.
But there will be nothing to compare in the love we share in each other.
I know the time ahead may seem bleak but we've had six months of no pain.
And in the glorious love, let's move on with each other.
Hand in hand, eye in eye, souls entwined and hearts captured.

I love you, Enchanta. Happy six month anniversary.


Enchanta said...

The words here are still unwoven... even though the fabric keeps me warm... the loose ends shall be mended soon and we will have this world, all to our own.

I love you, cuteheart.... and you, just wait... ;)

D2 said...

The words are being woven as we speak.
And the quilt shall only get warmer.
There shall be no loose ends left soon.
As we get more entwined every moment together.

I love you, flower. :)