Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Like That Of Wine

Flattered by that dark silhouette,
Warned by that glory, so enchanting,
Temptation held void,
For that many cries muffled inside.

The rain for once, would stop lashing,
If I would let the sun come down,
But those clouds would never cease to conspire,
For many of those questions unasked.

But the mist would gather nonetheless.
Gather around the burgeoning burden.
The insurmountable weight of mystery.
And the possibility of a light in the darkness.

This is something I would strive for.
If that be my life's last goal.
But my hope grows feeble as the days wane on.
And my road grows coarse as I remain morose.

If not for that grief-stricken haplessness,
If not for those rosebuds left ungathered on that muddy path,
Would you but understand that road only once visited in crude imagination?
Would you but know if not for immodesty?

The gaudiness of beauty sometimes fails,
To waver that thought pinned onto hope,
All of which transformed into the kind that elucidates unrecognizable faith,
And with that mystery left undiscovered,
The best secrets are best left untold,
To count on that very allure of their nature.

 And that is why as I walk on, never weary at heart.
I realize that the decrepit road can be polished new.
All it needs is nurture and some patience.
All I can give is that asked and a little more.

Hope may waver but I may not.
My road holds me steadfast to my ground.
The secrets of the path in front to be discovered.
As time passes on, as we age together.

Like the countenance of wine with age.
So shall you and I and we together.
Age together and pass on our secrets.
So the mystery of love be cherished.
And the secrets passed on after we pass away.

'One fine wine' by Jennifer Main


Kalyan said...

lovely lines...beautifully crafted words!

Enchanta said...

Thank you so much!
The best part is crafting them together :)

♫♪♥PhilO♥♪♫ said...

Your blog is amazing!
You write well :) And I'm in love with the background :)

D2 said...

@Philo : Thanks a lot. And it's not one person who wrote this poem, but two! We would be Enchanta and D2, as the signature says.
I'm glad that you liked our work. Do keep visiting. :)

Anonymous said...


Poetry of the Day said...

i can relate to this post

Arti said...

Beautiful soul touching lines, very well penned... D2 and Enchanta :) Keep writing :)

Rohit said...

just stumbled upon
I'm left speechless !
magical imagery of nature and feelings,so soothing to read this post.
I'm your 10th follower on gfc,
would love to read from you (and improve my writing vocabulary too :) )

D2 said...

@kushalashok : Thank you. :)

@Poetry of the Day : That's nice. :)
I'm sure many passionate about something would.

D2 said...

@Arti : Thank you so very much. :)

@Rohit : Enchanta and I are glad to have a new reader in you.
Thank you for your compliments. :)

Sandy Carlson said...

Such a beautiful promise. Thank you.

D2 said...

@Sandy : It's a promise woven in words that cannot be broken. :)

Enchanta said...

@Sandy: Its a promise to dance for life. :)

Ishiyeta Saxena said...

I'm speechless. It's wonderful. You write so well. :)

"And that is why as I walk on, never weary at heart.
I realize that the decrepit road can be polished new.
All it needs is nurture and some patience.
All I can give is that asked and a little more." -my favorite :)

D2 said...

@Ishiyeta : Thank you so much. :)
I wrote those lines you like and Enchanta and I wrote the poem together.

Ishiyeta Saxena said...

They're just close to perfect!

Update more often? Waiting to read more. :)

D2 said...

@Ishiyeta : Thanks, we surely will soon! :D
Until then, you could read more frequent posts on our own blogs as well. haha :D

nil said...

That was some gorgeous poetry, alright. Wow. Seriously, that was good stuff!

D2 said...

@nil : We owe you our thanks. :-)

Revacious said...

the fact that 2 people wrote this makes it a little more beautiful, to me..
but gotta be honest, I'm following this because of the blog template, it's a view I'd like to see at night, with City of Blinding Lights playing in my head :)

D2 said...

@Revacious : I love that song! haha yeah the template was Enchanta's choice. Can't say I don't like it a lot too. haha :D

And thank you so much. :)

sHoNa said...

Award for you :)